Football NewsDani Alves’ family unhappy with lawyer
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The brother of Brazilian footballer Dani Alves has admitted that the family of the ex-Barca player is unhappy with the way his lawyer handled the case.


What does the family say about Dani Alves?

Dani Alves has been arrested after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a Barça nightclub.Dani Alves’ brother said they were powerless in this situation. According to Ney, he thinks that the lawyer is not doing a good job.Ney also stated that the family is ready to change lawyers.

Their intention is for criminal expert Andres Marhuenda Martinez to visit Dani Alves in prison to come up with a better defense strategy than they have worked with so far. As such, the family is considering making a change to the legal team to try and get the player out of jail.

Meanwhile, the player’s other brother, Julio, expressed concern about the way the lawyer was handling the case and stressed that his brother was innocent. Julio Alves said he couldn’t take it anymore. According to him, they have passed the restrictions. It is forbidden to visit. Julio doesn’t know what else to do. They would give their lives if necessary to get him out of this hell.

For her part, the Brazilian player’s ex-wife, Dinora Santana, wanted to make it clear that Dani Alves would never, never, never do that”, adding that “I tell you I’ve known him for 22 years and been married to him for 10 years old”.


A little about the topic

Spanish Radio reports that Dani Alves, whose contract was terminated by Pumas, asked to testify again before the judge after offering up to three different versions of what happened at the nightclub. According to TV3, in a statement before the judge, Dani admitted that he was in the nightclub, but the Brazilian said he was only there for a short time and denied the sexual abuse attributed to him by the victim. According to the justice of the peace, the story contradicts the evidence collected by the police.