Football NewsDani Alves in more trouble after witness testimony
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The judge in charge of the Brazilian footballer’s case changed a couple of weeks after Dani Alves was jailed for alleged sexual assault.


How was everything?

There is information that the judge, known as Dona Concha, received an update on the case from Ana Marin, who served as her colleague and will no longer be in charge of the case. Mayka Navarro said there was a novelty as the magistrate had changed. According to Navarro, this is a magistrate who was absent for two years due to illness and today she is returning.

Her replacement, Ana Marin, updated Dona Concha, as she is known in the courts, about the case. She was in charge of the interrogations. Also present are the defense lawyer for former Barcelona right-back Dani Alves, Cristobal Martell and the alleged victim’s lawyer Esther Garcia.


A little about the topic

According to legal sources, the alleged victim’s cousin and friend testified as witnesses before a judge investigating Brazilian player Dani Alves’ alleged sexual assault of a young woman in the private bathroom of the VIP area at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on December 30. In a statement on Friday, they approved the victim’s version before the judge and claimed that the Brazilian also approached them while they were drinking in the VIP area, Sport reports. The waiters who served the alleged victim and her friends ratified the statements they gave to the police.