Football NewsDani Ceballos will fight for the future at Real Madrid
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Dani Ceballos left the door open for a return to the Premier League at some point, but the former Arsenal renter is preparing to fight for his future at Real Madrid.


Dani Ceballos does not rule it out

The 24-year-old has spent the past two seasons at Emirates Stadium, with tough competition for seats at the Santiago Bernabeu making him find minutes elsewhere. He has now returned to his home country and wants to make a mark at his parent club under Carlo Ancelotti, but another lead in English football remains an option for him to consider. When asked if he sees himself playing in the Premier League again, Dani Ceballos said yes, he does not rule it out. This is the league he likes, people who love football very much would be motivated to play there. If you can’t play there, you might regret it.


Dani Ceballos needs to know what the coach wants

Blancos bought into Carlo Ancelotti’s potential when they lured him out of Real Betis in 2017. He took part in 56 appearances for Blancos but saw Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and Casemiro score places at the start of Madrid XI. They all remain in the Spanish capital, but Zidane replaced Carlo Ancelotti in the dugout and offer a blank slate to those who were previously frozen. Dani Ceballos intends to make the most of this opportunity, saying that he really wants to win at Real Madrid, will fight to stay here. The experience with Arsenal in the Premier League has made him stronger, now is the time to win at Real Madrid.

Obviously, I would like to play for Real Madrid, but Dani needs to know what the coach wants and there should be goals. But his intention is to play the next year at Real Madrid. With the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, the midfielder’s span is wide, because he plays 4-3-3 and at times with one of the winged coming in. According to Dani Ceballos, this will depend on his return, on the state of the form he is in, and on their chat. From there it is very clear to him that he wants to play and must earn money on the serve in order to make it difficult for the coach.