Football NewsDani Olmo – Leipzig will achieve bigger things this season
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Leipzig reached the semi-final of the Champions League last season. In August of 2020, Leipzig reached the semi-final and lost the match against PSG. It was a very important achievement for Leipzig as a new team.


Dani Olmo believes in team’s dreams

Dani Olmo was a newcomer in the 2019/2020 season for Leipzig. He scored a goal in the quarter-final of the Champions League. He met with the press representatives of the Bundesliga and talked about many things. Dani believes that Leipzig will get a chance to play in Champions League final as they already tasted the feeling of a semi-final. Olmo also wants to win the Bundesliga although Bayern Munich is in a perfect form.

Olmo about the start of the season

The player is very happy with the start. As you may know, Leipzig already played two matches and they won the first one. Currently Leipzig has four points and is placed in 7th position. Without any loss, Olmo believes that their main competitor is Bayern Munich. Olmo noted that they qualified for another round of German Pokal and it’s also something to brag about.

The player enjoys the return of the fans on the stadiums

As you may know, fans in Germany are back in the stadiums. Every stadium has a chance to sell tickets of 30% capacity of the stadium. Olmo is very happy with the fans’ presence. He said that football is not the same without the fans. The cheering of fans makes football addictive and footballers play with bigger motivation.

Nagelsmann was the main factor for Olmo’s decision

Dani Olmo said that Nagelsmann was the main factor of his decision. German coach is someone who is followed by many young footballers. Dani said that Nagelsmann talked with him before signing the contract. After the conversation with Nagelsmann, Olmo changed his mind and joined the team. He believes that the influence of Nagelsmann is very big on the team and his approach is very different.