Football NewsDanilo says Ronaldo will stay in Juve
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Brazilian defender Danilo is confident that Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will remain in Turin despite moving elsewhere.


What did Danilo say?

Danilo is confident that Ronaldo will remain in Juve and would like former Man City team-mate Gabriel Jesus to add Bianconeri to his attacking options. Questions have been asked about how long Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will hold out in Turin, with the five-time Ballon d ‘Or winner entering the last 12 months of his current contract.

Various landing spots have been trained for all time greats, from England to America, but Danilo believes the 36-year-old mascot will return for more in Serie A next season.

The Brazilian defender, about the speculation around Cristiano Ronaldo, said that having him on the team is important for them, because he brings an avalanche of goals, and besides, he is a dear friend, they have known each other since the days of Real Madrid. According to Danilo, Cristiano Ronaldo will still be with them next season.


Danilo would like his countryman to join him

Cristiano Ronaldo remains tied to Juve for now and has another loan agreement that will see Alvaro Morata return to Italy from Atlético Madrid. Paulo Dybala is also featured in the Bianconeri books, despite the fact that a new contract has yet to be signed, which means Massimiliano Allegri has a lot of firepower at its disposal.

However, there are currently speculations that another Brazilian could be targeted in the summer. Danilo would like his countryman to join him in Turin, with the City striker proving he has what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Danilo, referring to the 24-year-old, said that of course Gabriel Jesus is good and very intelligent. According to Danilo, Gabriel Jesus could have grown more in Italy because in Serie A they close well and are harder to score and if Danilo could he would bring him to Juve.