Football NewsDavid Alaba is close to signing contract with Real Madrid
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David Alaba is ready to leave Bayern Munich. Davies fully replaced Alaba in Bayern, so Austrian player wants to leave the club for good. 


Alaba will be free agent in summer of 2021

David Alaba will be free in summer of 2021. Keep in mind that he is not extending contract, so any club can sign him without paying fees to Bayern Munich. In that case, Real Madrid is free to talk with David Alaba and can pay him only a yearly salary. David Alaba is not young anymore. He is 28 years old and experts believe that he wants to play on high-level for more years. Experts noted one thing – David Alaba is still very powerful in left full-back side, so he may be a perfect replacement for Mendy. Keep in mind that Marcelo is not satisfied with the time given this season by Zidane. 

Marcelo leaving Real Madrid?

Currently, Real Madrid has two big defenders in the same position. Legendary Marcelo is not that old to keep up with few minutes this season. He wants to play a lot but unfortunately Zidane can’t see him in the main starting line-up of RM anymore. Marcelo wanted to leave Madrid in 2018 when CR7 signed for Juventus. He wanted to follow the footprints of Cristiano and sign for Juve. Perez was a person who changed the mind of Marcelo. This season Marcelo got only a few matches from the starting line-up. Mendy is the main player and David Alaba is believed to be his replacement. David wants to get 200 000 Euros per week. Real Madrid is still thinking about the salary. Alaba wants to get 9 600 000 million Euros per year which is not easy during the pandemic and economic recession.