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David Alaba will wear N4 from next season – shocking news for Real Madrid fans

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22 Jul 2021
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David Alaba

Big surprise from Alaba’s presentation was shocking and exciting at the same time. The fact that Alaba is going to wear the No.4 shirt excited to see his position, the question arises, will he take Ramos’s place in the team?

Alaba and Real Madrid

Even though Alaba already addressed this situation, nonetheless it’s still interesting to see what will happen in a actual match, yes alaba surely addressed the fact that he will not be “second Ramos” or something, but he also said that he is a quite flexible player, Alaba thinks that he can easily play in different positions without breaking a sweat. Alaba was definitely positive about his move to Real, He was grateful for everything, he had few questions about Real, but Alaba also was asked about Mbappe? Out of nowhere, assuredly Mbappe’s rumours are getting more and more real, but asking a newcomer about another player that may move with him is just awkward to say the least. Alaba wasn’t actually ready to hear that out of place question, but even though Alaba was offputten by the question, having said that he still confidently answered that there is no official information regarding, other than this other questions were indefinitely great and greatly put together, maybe not perfect, but at least he wasn’t getting asked if he was new Ramos. Now that would be out of place. 

No.4 shirt

Many suggest that Alaba will be the second Ramos and it’s just hilarious at this point. Alaba said that he will not be second Ramos, Real said that they are not interested in making or buying a second Ramos so it’s painfully obvious that Alaba will not be the second Ramos, but Alaba is quite happy to take Ramos’s No.4 shirt, Alaba mentions the fact that it’s a honour to wear his shirt.

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