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David Alaba’s dream came true

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21 Jul 2021
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Alaba is finally here and his comments on the transfer are just so heartwarming, Alaba is surely happy to be in Real. He calls Real Madrid the best club at this point, and actually his statements made fans already respect him a lot more.

Alaba’s presentation

David Alaba’s presentation was straight up perfect in a sense. David Alaba came out as a really official and serious man with a big heart, he was really to come to Real, mostly Alaba discussed as expected his intentions and his future in Real Madrid and it shows, it seems like he is unimaginably great for this transfer, he goes in depth how he saw a challenge and he took it and plus to all of that he will be the No.4, Ramos’s number and Alaba says that actually it wasn’t him that asked for it, it was Real that told him that No.4 is the only one left for him. David Alaba says that it makes him proud to be in Real, it feels him up with pride. Alaba goes in depth and says that he is ready to adapt to any strategy that the coach wants to use, and Alaba is quite right, he is right and he can surely play at different positions without a struggle, but the strangest thing is that Alaba was asked about Mbappe, out of nowhere and unexpected, and Alaba thought the same way, nonetheless he still says that Mbappe has big potential. 

Future the of the player

Alabas future seems to be indefinitely promising for Real Madrid and for the pro footballer as well and to see Alaba being so thankful and so ready to get to the games and to show his powers to the new team, after holidays he will show us how much he loves the new club with not only his words, but also his actions.

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