Football NewsDavid de Gea apologizes to fans
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Spanish footballer David de Gea, 31, called Man Utd’s performance against Watford awkward and urged players to take the blame for the 4-1 defeat they suffered at Vicarage Road.


A little about the topic

Watford had a two-goal half-time lead through goals from King and Sarr, despite the latter having a penalty saved by David just 11 minutes before the match. Although Van de Beek pulled one back for Solskjaer, Maguire was sent off with a second yellow card before Dennis and Pedro scored late to make his four for the home team.


What did David de Gea say?

David has apologized to the club’s fans after the game and says the players are responsible for the nightmarish outcome. David de Gea said he had nothing to say – it was embarrassing to see Man Utd play like they do today. This is unacceptable – the way they played and did things. It’s easy to blame the manager or staff, but sometimes it’s the players. they need to be shown much more than they do.

The first half is embarrassing – they could concede four goals in 45 minutes. It was hard to watch the team play today – it was a nightmare after a nightmare. This is unacceptable. They try to give their all and fight for the team, but surely something is very wrong. In the games, you can see – a very low level, very bad. Sorry fans again.

According to David de Gea, he was in difficult moments and always believes in himself, but there are difficult moments, they must be strong in the mind and body. they get paid to play for Man Utd and do better. It’s not Man Utd or how they’re supposed to play – it’s hard to say more than that.

It was really bad for a long time – a club like Man Utd, they have to fight for trophies and fight for big things, and to be honest, they are far from it. we must continue to work hard and stick together. they always say the same thing, but it’s true – they have to look at themselves and see where they can improve.