Football NewsDavid de Gea thinks someone put a curse on Man Utd
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Spanish soccer player David de Gea can’t quite figure out why Man Utd haven’t won trophies in recent years.


A little about the topic

The Spanish goalkeeper believes that someone has put a curse on Man Utd, as the goalkeeper says he does not fully understand why the club has gone so wrong in recent years. Man Utd have not won a trophy since 2017, with the club falling behind the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City at the top of English football in recent years.

David has been with the club since 2011, having played under Ferguson during his final two years as manager, and the goalkeeper says he can’t quite put his finger on what went wrong under the manager’s legendary successors.


What did David de Gea say?

David de Gea said he thinks someone put a curse on them or something. according to De Gea, the truth is that he doesn’t know what’s going on. People always ask him and they talk about it like teammates and they just say they don’t know what’s going on. They should have competed for more trophies, more titles, but David just doesn’t know why this team isn’t functioning.


De Gea talks about Ronaldo

The Red Devils have been lifted by Ronaldo’s presence this season, with the 37 year old proving invaluable to the club’s Champions League campaign so far. Cristiano has scored six goals in five Champions League appearances, with the striker scoring 14 in all competitions so far this season. David de Gea said that just seeing Cristiano Ronaldo walk through the door makes them want to show they’re on his level. Ronaldo works so hard and is very hard on himself.

David de Gea thinks Ronaldo is a little quieter than before, but he is a machine. It’s good for all the guys to see because it shows how you need to take care of yourself in order to have many years at the top level.