CricketDavid Miller Pumped, Elated & Giving Benefiting Reply To Royals
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He was pumped. He was elated. It was a sweet reply to Royals whose trust has shaken last year when bidding for David Miller. David Miller made it look the easiest it get with a benefiting reply. His exceptional talent and enormous muscle power just clears the crossbar that you have set. It was well said when it’s in the arc, it’s out of the park.

Obed McCoy conceded only 7 runs in the 19th over which gave Royals a chance to defend it. However, David Miller and Hardik Pandya on crease, even not 25 was safe. Previously in this season, Gujarat Titans has has chased down 25 in an over against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

David Miller has been finishing off games for a some times now. He is just unstoppable if you bowl his certain line and lengths. And honestly, there is no margin of error when he has picked the rhythm because he just hits the ball with absolute power and perfection.

He was himself a Royals till last year and it must have been in his mind when he launched bolstering attack against them. Later on, he went on Twitter to post a note for Rajasthan Royals:

Sorry #RoyalsFamily 🤷‍♂️

Half the job done for Gujarat Titans and perhaps David Miller has crossed the line for Gujarat Titans this season. It is surprising to see that some player who were bought for hefty prices of over 8 crore couldn’t even make to the playoffs. Here’s David Miller who went unsold in the first round of IPL 2022 auctions, then Gujarat Titans showed faith in him for crore. He turned out to be a gem who did a job of perfection when his team demanded it most.

David Miller is in prolific touch for sometime now. Although, we have seen it only in potential form but whenever he has found chances, he turned it into match winning scores. Even during, India tour of South Africa, his consistent contribution gave South Africa a perfect playing 11.

The job is half done by David Miller now, this is the game of finals where pressure will break many players but Gujarat Titans have got time to relax and enjoy. The will have the belief that they don’t fo anything special, just a continuous course will crown them as Indian Premier League 2022 champions.