Football NewsDean Henderson Delivers a Statement Disputing ‘hurtful’ Internet Rumors that He was Jailed for Assaulting his Girlfriend
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Dean Henderson, the Manchester United goalkeeper, has categorically refuted ‘hurtful and completely false’ reports that he was the Premier League player detained for beating his girlfriend.

On Monday, the 24-year-old took to social media to dispute online charges against him, stating that the upsetting rumors had a negative impact on his family.

According to reports published over the weekend, a Premier League footballer who was ‘tipped for international accolades’ was arrested by police in 2019 on suspicion of domestic assault. Following the revelation, social media users began speculating about who the player might be, with some pointing to Henderson, who has since debunked the rumors on Instagram.

‘Can’t believe I’m having to do this but I’d just like to address the speculations that have come to light in the last few of days,’ Henderson, a senior England international, wrote on his Instagram story.

‘Some unfortunate people in the world have linked my name to such offensive, nasty, and completely fake news articles.’

‘I have family members who have been affected by this, so I wanted to put the rumors to rest and move on,’ she said.

The player’s girlfriend contacted the authorities in 2019, alleging an attack and claimed she had received threatening communications late at night. The star, who isn’t named in publications for legal reasons, was later apprehended at his house by police. He is no longer romantically involved with his accuser.

After the player hired counsel, the case was settled out of court, with police satisfied that a ‘community resolution’ had been reached.

To put the matter to rest, the Premier League player is said to have given a five-figure settlement to his ex-girlfriend.

Henderson has previously stated that he is in a relationship and has published photos of himself and his girlfriend, the most recent of which is from December 2020 – but he has yet to reveal her name. It’s unclear whether the two are still together at this time. This year has seen a disturbing trend of nasty allegations about footballers’ private lives emerge, with these disclosures being the most recent.

Greenwood’s arrest stunned the football world last month as rape charges were leveled against the Manchester United youngster, who has also represented England under Gareth Southgate.

Further charges of assault and threatening to kill a lady have been filed against the forward, who has been released on bail.

Greenwood has been shunned by Manchester United, Nike, and a slew of other sponsors.