Football NewsDeclan Rice refrains from making new terms with West Ham United
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Declan Rice appears to be holding on to new terms with West Ham amid ties to two of England’s biggest clubs.


What did David say about Declan Rice?

The English player has reportedly turned down a new £200,000-a-week deal at West Ham, but Hammer boss David Moyes insists he is not panicking about the future of the Blues and Reds. The England international has spent his entire career at West Ham and has made 189 appearances in all competitions, including 44 in the current campaign. Declan Rice is still tied to West Ham United until 2024 and the club is holding the option of a one-year extension, but has turned down the chance to commit to a longer deal at the London stadium.

Declan were reported to have turned down two renewal offers from West Ham last summer and most recently slapped new terms that would have made him the highest paid player in the club’s history. David isn’t concerned that Declan Rice might leave this summer and said after his side’s 1-0 loss to Chelsea on Sunday that he said this is where he stands and he thinks they said what they think.

According to David Moyes they like Declan Rice and he has three and a half years to sign the contract, so Moyes doesn’t think there’s much panic. The head coach says he can, Rice just wants more money. People refuse contracts. It is not uncommon for club players to refuse contracts, maybe this is a negotiation tactic.


Interest from Man Utd and Chelsea

Manchester United and Chelsea have credited the interest in Declan, who has strong ties to the former after an eight-year spell at their academy. The head coach is confident that the Hammers would have managed if the player had moved on, but remains adamant that the club will not be embroiled in an early sale. David Moyes said he sold Wayne Rooney and Everton got better. According to David, this does not always mean that nothing is happening. They have already said that they have no intention of selling.