Football NewsDembele does not accept Barcelona’s proposal
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The French winger has already informed the coaches that he will not continue at the club as he does not agree with the terms of the renewal. His new destination will be Paris.

The situation

The pessimism that had settled in the FC Barcelona in the last weeks on the continuity of Ousmane Dembele has become reality. If the club already openly assured a few days ago that there was “a 95% chance” that he would not renew, recent events have made it clear that the French winger will not continue at the club. Ousmane himself explained to the technicians that he had not accepted FC Barcelona’s final proposal and that he planned to put an end to his time as a Blaugrana on June 30. The siren songs of Mbappé’s PSG had been powerful enough to attract the international , who had an offer from Barcelona on the table to renew, but which his agent considered entirely insufficient.In fact, Dembélé has already begun to pack his things: the house where he lived in Barcelona has just been put up for rent again, making it clear that the tenant in the last five years will soon leave the residence. It was evident that Barcelona was not going to accept in any case the counterproposal of Dembélé’s agent, Moussa Sissoko, since the club remained immovable in the initial proposal. A forced offer by Xavi Hernández, who still had a thread of hope of convincing the player, but who was opposed by a good part of the sports management, who considered Ousmane a finished player. The statements of the director of football, Mateu Alemany, when asked for his opinion on the continuity of the winger, “I keep my opinion”, were sufficiently revealing about the poor relationship between the club’s leadership and the player.

The details

In fact, we must not forget that an attempt was made to force his departure this January, with little success due to the immobility of the player and the refusal of his representative. Finally, the Frenchman was reinstated, who became decisive in some parts of the season. But neither the arrival of his ‘friend’ Aubameyang nor Xavi’s continuous compliments have been enough arguments for Dembele, who has already decided to put an end to his time at FC Barcelona. His destiny is already marked in red: it will be the PSG of Mbappé and Messi.