Football NewsDenis Zakaria wants to stay at Chelsea permanently
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Swiss midfielder Denis Zakaria arrived at the Blues on transfer deadline day and brought with him a rather peculiar moniker from his time in Germany and Italy.


A little about the topic

Denis Zakaria is a proven performer at the highest level, having spells in Borussia Monchengladbach and the Bianconeri while also earning 42 caps for his country. The midfielder’s ability to regain possession in the middle of the park has become a useful asset for sides in the Bundesliga, Serie A and Premier League, with that skill set earned his strange moniker.


What did Denis Zakaria say?

Asked to explain why he is known as the Octopus, the Swiss midfielder said it was because he had very long legs. According to Denis Zakaria, he used to win a lot of goals in midfield, that’s why they said octopus. The Swiss says it was funny and it was positive.

That ability is yet to be seen by the Blues, who cut the midfielder off Juventus on an initial loan deal for the season prior to Tuchel’s departure as manager, but Denis Zakaria is determined to prove his worth and earn a permanent stay. Denis Zakaria added about his future ambitions that they have a lot of games and he thinks that every player will have their chance.

“That’s when the player has to take his chance and play well. If you’re not doing something good, you have no way to stay. Chelsea is a big club and if you’re not good enough, you can’t stay at this club,” he said.

According to Denis Zakaria, he is here to prove that he deserves to be here, that he is a good player and can help the team. It is most important. Zakaria wants to win trophies and help the team win. If Denis has a chance to play, he will give his 100% to help. The Swiss midfielder says this is the biggest moment and they will see what happens in the end.