Football NewsDesailly’s opinion on Benzema
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Desailly is outraged at how underestimated his compatriot is when it comes to the players of his generation who will go down in history. Benzema became the leader of Real Madrid after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Desailly’s comment on Benzema

The void was filled by a Frenchman. In many ways, the team was thrown behind the back and also returned with France. A Gallic legend like Marcel Desailly wonders why the striker does not enjoy the same credibility as others when it comes to framing him among footballers of his generation who are about to make football history. The former Marseille, AC Milan player and French champion almost got angry because he felt Benzema was not appreciated. “He’s a player who knew how to challenge himself when Cristiano left and when they were together, putting himself at his disposal. He could demonstrate day after day that he was better than players like Higuain or Morata. let’s remember that they had to choose which one to stay on, ”Desailly says. “Florentino Perez has trusted him ever since he went to fetch him at Lyon. He surpassed Ronaldo, his idol, in some respects. It is incredible what Benzema achieves, but he is not seen as he is, it is rare, ”he laments. Desai. “I talk to people. When we talk about players of this generation who will go down in football history, when I ask this question to my friends in private, Benzema’s name does not automatically pop up. And this is not normal! Thus, the statistics support him. He is great in all registers: as a striker or as a second striker, I even want to cry, ”says the French legend.

The future of Benzema’s situation

Reporters and large groups of fans think really critical of Benzema, but that certainly may not change just because Desailly thinks differently. Benzema is surely over hated by many, but still some hate that he gets for certain mediocre actions on field is deserved to say the least.