Football NewsDeschamps met with Karim Benzema few weeks ago
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French national team coach said that they met with Karim a few weeks ago. He noted that Benzema is a big-time player, so it will be important to put him as the main striker.


After an absence of nearly 6 years

It’s been nearly 6 years since Karim Benzema was called up for the national team. French striker had a big scandal in France and he was not included in the squad since then. It’s all related to Valbuena, French winger who was a very close friend of Karim Benzema. The case is not closed yet, the investigation is going on but after six years of progress, Deschamps decided to call Karim in the team. Keep in mind that Karim Benzema was a captain of the national team six years ago. It will be interesting to see how cards will be shown this summer and who will captain the team at this point.


Best season for Karim?

In terms of trophies, Real Madrid has not won anything yet. Team is in the second position but they still have a chance for La liga. At the same time, Karim Benzema set many personal records. He increased the tally of goals and assists personal-wise. That’s why we can admit that Karim Benzema had a perfect season. French striker was also absent due to injury for three weeks. Real Madrid was struggling at that time because they could not get help from Karim. Benzema is powerful now and he greatly influenced the attacking line of Los Blancos.

Kylian Mbappe already posted an image on Instagram and Twitter with Benzema. These two players have never played together. Kylian wrote that he can’t wait for the duo to happen on the pitch. Euro 2020 will be interesting because French national team will have a very aggressive attacking line. Experts believe that Karim Benzema will play from the middle. Kylian will attack from the left side and Griezmann may move from the right side. Antoine, Karim and Kylian may create the most intluental attacking line in the history of Euro tournaments.