Football NewsDeschamps: “Rabiot has become a better player at Juventus”
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The head coach of the French national team praised Fabian Rabiot and noted that moving to Juventus turned out to be good for him.


Yesterday, the French national team faced Portugal on the road and won thanks to the only goal scored by N’Golo Cante. It should be noted that the mentioned goal was scored by the Chelsea midfielder in the presence of the game, although the moment was created entirely by Rabiot. He was one of the best on the pitch.

The quality of Rabiot’s game has improved significantly in recent times, and that has not robbed the head coach of the French team, Big Deschamps. He praised the young player. His words are quoted by FOOTBALL-ITALIA.

“Rabiot has become a better player at Juventus. I cannot say that he has completely transformed, but the fact is that before moving to the Turin club, he was completely different, and now his skills are much improved, which is observed in every match.

He had a difficult period during his stay in PSG. The initial stage of his career in Turin was not easy for him. However, the team has already been well supported, and he manages to present himself perfectly, which makes me very happy. I believe in her, and she feels it. “We have a good relationship,” Deschamps said.

The French team will play its next match on November 17, against Sweden.