Football NewsDespite Gianni Infantino’s Unsuccessful Concept, Fifa Wants a World Cup Every THREE YEARS.
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Gianni Infantino started the alternative as soon as he accepted defeat in his concept for a World Cup every two years.

Now, as part of a 36-month tournament cycle, Fifa president Sepp Blatter wants to hold the greatest spectacle on Earth every THREE YEARS.

Year one would see Infantino’s expanded Club World Cup, which would feature 24 teams.

Continental competitions, such as the Euros and Copa America, would take place in the midst of the summer. The World Cup will take center stage in the third year.

After last week’s conference of the 211-member associations in Doha, Infantino hinted at the concept, saying it was “essential to do something… whether it’s a World Cup every two years or every three years.”

Fifa insiders predicted that line would be the next battleground, and Infantino was well aware of the outrage.

“We could have gone to a vote and gotten a majority,” he said in Doha.

Just as everyone has taken off their gloves, get ready for another tremendous fight.

When the prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards are hosted in Seville on April 24, Laureas contenders BRITS Emma Raducanu, Tom Daley, Mark Cavendish, and Sky Brown are all in the running.

Raducanu, the US Open champion, is the favorite for the Newcomer award, while Manx Rocket Cavendish is the favorite for the Comeback award.

Daly is a dripping mess.

John Daly’s money-making efforts were thwarted by the severe rain that turned Augusta National into a lake.

‘Wild Thing’ is a song by the band ‘Wild Thing. Daly, a former Open and USPGA champion, has set a shop in the parking lot of a local Hooters restaurant to sell items during Masters week.

However, Daly was trying to keep his head above water after diners were ordered home before 11 a.m. on Tuesday due to the impending storm. And, at 55, he’s on his fourth marriage and has a lot of bills to pay.

Clarke walked away in the dark.

Fifa has yet to confirm whether or not the World Cup play-off semi-final between Scotland and Ukraine at Hampden Park will take place.

Fifa must select the dates for that encounter as well as the final versus Wales to determine who will compete in Group B in Qatar alongside England, Iran, and the United States.

While Scotland recognizes the delicate nature of the issue and wishes to play Ukraine as scheduled, manager Steve Clarke needs to know his team’s exact summer calendar, which includes four Nations League matches in June.

Fifa has until the first week of May to decide if Ukraine can play at the start of the following month or withdraw, which means the Scots will advance to the final in Cardiff.

The merger has been called off.

The proposed merger of Belgium’s and the Netherlands’ top divisions has been scrapped.

In March 2021, top-flight teams from both countries voted in favor of a plan to form a “BeNeLiga” with TV rights worth up to £350 million per year.

Clubs in Holland, on the other hand, have thrown their weight behind the plan, claiming that the revived competitiveness of Eredivisie teams in Europe negates the necessity for a new league.