Football NewsDietmar Hamann says Jack Grealish is the player who can win the Premier League
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Jack Grealish is now a PL title holder, but the player has yet to light up Guardiola’s side with his creativity.


A little about the topic

The English footballer became the most expensive player in British football at the completion of a £100m transfer from Aston Villa to the Citizens in the summer of 2021, but he has yet to deliver the desired return on this record-breaking investment.

The talented playmaker is a Premier League title holder, with 39 Chelsea appearances in all competitions last season, but the Englishman registered just six goals and four assists in his debut campaign at the Etihad Stadium and more is expected from the talented England international.

Why did Jack Grealish struggle to find the spark? Is the Manchester City manager’s tactical approach to blame, with the Spanish head coach better able to manage a major asset, or does it just take time for confidence and creativity to take root in the new environment?


What did Hamann say about Jack Grealish?

The question was posed to former Man City player Dietmar Hamann, with the former Germany international saying Jack Grealish has brought in a player who needs to be let off the hook and for Dietmar, Guardiola is holding him back. According to Hamann, he wants him to pass the ball.

Watching him in Munich, England played poorly against Germany, but Jack got the ball, took over the players and was electric. Jack Grealish makes the crowd go. When Dietmar sees him for Manchester City, it’s like someone is holding him back.

The way they have to play Haaland now because they have to play a certain way with him – be a little more direct – whether it will suit him and whether he will benefit from this change, Hamann isn’t too sure. Jack is a player that if they get the best out of him he will change the game. Dietmar Hamann says that Jack is a Grealish player who can win them a PL.