Football NewsDiogo Dalot says he fully understands fans’ frustration
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Diogo Dalot gave an honest assessment of Man Utd’s roster after their 10th PL loss of the season.


What did Diogo Dalot say?

The Portuguese footballer admitted that the Red Devils are too immature as a team after their 3-1 loss to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Against Arsenal, Man Utd suffered their 10th PL defeat in the 2021-22 campaign, with goals from Xhaka, Saka and Tavares canceling Ronaldo’s efforts for the away side. Diogo hit the tree twice on Manchester United’s bad day and gave an honest assessment of the current level of the squad after the game.

Diogo Dalot said he thinks it’s a lesson in being honest. According to Diogo, some people might say they’re out of luck, and some might say they don’t play well. Dalot fully understands the frustration of the fans who traveled so far to watch the game. It’s hard to go to the end and thank them for what they did for 90 minutes, but the Portuguese thinks it’s a lesson for everyone.

Diogo Dalot says they need to mature everyone in terms of a team and they need to be more energetic, want it more than them and dominate, he thinks it starts with their efforts every day. According to Dalot, it’s not just a Saturday afternoon hope that things will take care of themselves, they’re playing for Man Utd, but they have to do things right, it’s a standard he’s learned since he’s been here.


Diogo refuses to give up

Man Utd are now six points behind the fourth-placed Warriors having played more in the game and look set to miss out on Champions League qualification if they fail to score the maximum points from their last four games. Even then, Rangnick’s side would still rely on their rivals to get through, but Diogo refuses to give up on the top four berth and urged his teammates to fight to the end.