Football NewsDivock Origi is a Liverpool legend
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Sudden? Yes!

On April 24, Liverpool could not break through a parked Everton bus for a long time. The neighbors held out for just over an hour: in the 60th minute, Divock Origi came on instead of Naby Keita and organized the first goal. In the end, the Belgian already scored the second goal himself – the most important victory 2-0. Jurgen Klopp praised the striker after the match: “Origi is a legend on and off the pitch, I must say. It really is. In my opinion, Divock is a fantastic player. I know it sounds funny, because I don’t put him on the pitch very often. He is a world-class striker and by far our best finisher. He always has been, and everyone would say so. It’s very hard to see what he does in training and then not put him in the squad because of the quality of other players. Everyone loves Diva, and deservedly so. He again played a decisive role. I’m very, very happy for him.” This is not the first time the Liverpool manager has said that Origi is already historically significant for the team. This happened for the first time in the fall of 2019 before the match against Genk. The journalist was listing famous graduates of the Belgian club academy – De Bruyne, Coulibaly, Ndidi…And Klopp interrupted him: “Divock Origi is also from there, a Liverpool legend, by the way. Very popular with us! Jurgen spoke with a smile, but later repeated this thesis several times. And the fans are in solidarity with the coach – they also adore the Belgian striker, although he is far from the statistics of Salah and Mane.

A gallery of Origi’s great moments at Liverpool. Klopp owes him significant victories

Origi was signed before the start of the 2014/15 season but remained on loan at Lille for another year. Both Liverpool and Divock did not have a good season: the club said goodbye to Gerrard and finished 1-6 away from Stoke City, and the Belgian was included in the disappointing Ligue 1 team from L’Equipe.