Earthquake by Matheus

Earthquake by Matheus

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20 Jun 2022
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A star has been born. Matheus Nascimento (18 years old, Rio de Janeiro) is on Real Madrid’s agenda to be one of the strikers of the future. Juni Calafat , responsible for other signings in the past such as Vinicius, Rodrygo or Valverde, has set his eye on the pearl of Botafogo. The idea would be to incorporate him first for the subsidiary’s discipline, to mature under Raúl’s baton and in the medium term, make the leap to the first team. “The future Benzema” , that is how he is beginning to be known and replicated by his country, is valued at 7 million (by Transfermarkt). Karim may still have two or three years left at the highest level, but the club must already sound out possible replacements. Haaland is on the agenda as a karat investment and Matheus… as a diamond in a mine. This is how the world reacted to the news of this newspaper.

Or Balloon

The main sports media in Brazil published the news on Friday morning. “ Real Madrid is still looking out for young Brazilian talent. This time, Matheus Nascimento, […] a modern nine , tall (1.84 m) and thin, with good technique and ability to play open and with midfielders”, they wrote, adding that the signing of the current Botafogo striker It would be an “opportunity for the future”. As for the price, they specify the same figure that this newspaper gave, 7 million , but pointing out that although it is valued at that number, its release clause of 50 million is the one that the Brazilian club will accept . Botafogo only has 60% of the player’s rights, which in turn reserves 30% for itself, and another 10% for the Troops Youth Development Center, its club of origin. O Globo culminates one of its articles emphasizing that Matheus is the player chosen to make the leap to the first team in two or three years and be the “Benzema of the future” .

Sports Gazette

“Botafogo continues to seek how to get the most out of the jewels in its base categories. Matheus Nascimento, the “Benzema of the future”, due to his characteristics, still has a contract”. This medium adds that the American John Textor, owner of the club, has made the decision – and made it public- to take over a greater part of the jewel of his quarry, offering him a new contract . The objective is to gain a percentage of his rights in order to get more out of a future and hypothetical sale. “ He is one of the greatest promises in all of Brazilian football”, he points out, also emphasizing the enormous future that awaits him.


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