Football NewsEden Hazard is only 60% ready for matches in La Liga
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Eden Hazard is back in action and exercising with the main squad. Zidane wants him to play against Celta Vigo on Sunday evening.


What’s wrong, Eden Hazard’s leg?

As you may know, Zidane has a new fitness team. That team is working with scientific methods, and they measure the health and fitness of each player. As it seems, Eden Hazard is only 60% for matches right now. He has not played any games in the past 80 days. After the injury from Munier, Hazard has not even touched the pitch.

last two weeks. Fans are already asking Zidane to give him a chance and let him prove the haters wrong. Zidane is very patient with Hazard as he wants to have a 100% fit Belgian player for Champions League matches.

Hazard is not 100% ready for La Liga matches

As we have mentioned above, Hazard was prepared to play a few minutes’ two rounds ago. Since then, Zidane has not included him in three games of Real Madrid. Fans were frightened of that decision as they thought about the new injury. As it seems, Hazard is not 100% ready for games, and his fitness should be improved in the upcoming days.

Zidane was very patient, and he has shown the real face of the coach. French coach said that he wants to see the best version of Eden Hazard in a critical phase of the season. Belgian player is out of service from November 2019. It’s been precisely two and a half months that Hazard has not touched the pitch. It would be hard for him to go in top form from the first match, but Eden is working hard. Videos and pictures from training ground show that Eden has lost weight, and physically he seems happier and fit.