Spanish La Liga NewsEden Hazard still has a magic, Kompany believes
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Former Belgian team captain and now Burnley manager Vincent Kompany said Tuesday that “there is still magic in Eden Hazard.”


The magic of the Belgian

The former captain of the Belgian team and now coach of Burnley, Vincent Kompany, affirmed this Tuesday that “there is still magic in Eden Hazard”, Real Madrid forward, at the same time that he asked to “respect” his recovery processes after his injuries,” something that is “difficult” to deal with. It is too early to talk about the end of his career. The most important thing is that Eden (Hazard) had injuries and that’s all that changed. Having injuries, you also have to respect the fact that you don’t control that. He has dealt with the injuries and the aftermath. And it’s always difficult to come back”, analyzed the ex-soccer player in an interview with the Belgian media RTBF.


Making nation proud

However, Kompany insisted on remembering the “good times” left by the Real Madrid winger. “He made us proud to support Belgium,” he acknowledged. “There is always someone who still has something to fight for,” he predicted before a future retirement for the Real Madrid player. He can always score in the Champions League final, he can win a title. There is still magic in this player, in the person. And you have to expect the best from him so that he ends up as he deserves”, Kompany concluded about Hazard’s current and future performance at Real Madrid