Football NewsCavani is accused of racism – what the Uruguayan wrote on Instagram
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The English Football Association has charged the Manchester player. If Edinson fails to qualify, a 3-match disqualification awaits.



The Football Association of England has officially accused Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani of racism.

Recall that after the victory in the 10th round of the Premier League against Southampton (3: 2), Cavani was responding to fans on the social network, when one of the customers wrote “Gracias negrito” in response to the congratulation, which translates as “Thank you, Black”. The Uruguayan player deleted the post 3 hours later. However, his website was visited by the Football Association of England, and the relevant announcement was not delayed:

“Edinson Cavani was charged with posting on a social network that violates the regulations. Despite the existing rules, the player posted a comment on Instagram, which was of an offensive nature. Cavani’s action also contains aggravating circumstances, as it violates the paragraph on respect for human skin color, race, or ethnicity. “Cavani’s accusation has until January 4 to respond.”

It is noteworthy that if the 33-year-old Uruguayan forward could not justify himself accordingly, he will face a 3-match disqualification. Thus, the issue was taken very seriously at Manchester United, and a response statement was issued.

“Edinson and the club jointly declare that he did not intend to offend anyone. Nevertheless, he deleted the post soon after and apologized. We will study the essence of the accusation in more detail, and we will answer it in the future. ”

Cavani, who has also played for Palermo, Napoli and PSG throughout his career, moved to Manchester United in October this year and received a prestigious 7-number shirt. This season he has played 6 matches in the Premier League and managed to score 3 goals.