Football NewsEdinson Cavani wants to play at Real Madrid
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Real Madrid is struggling to score goals. After letting Ronaldo and Bale leave the team, now they don’t have a player who can score 30 goals per season.


Edinson Cavani wants to join Real Madrid

Spanish journal Marca’s journalists believe that Edinson wants to play at Real Madrid. The Uruguayan player is ready to join Madrid and decrease the salary. Edinson played for PSG last time and scored many goals. Currently the player is 33 years old and working alone in home-country. 

Edinson Cavani gave permission to his agent to negotiate with Real Madrid. The officials at Los Blancos don’t want to risk the club’s budget. Whites are still the wealthiest team in the world and they don’t want to risk the budget. As it seems, Edinson wants a 7/y million Euros and he wants a 1 1 years contract. Real Madrid let Bale leave the team because of the approach to the salary. Rumors say that negotiation won’t continue because Real Madrid is not ready to pay 7 million EUROs as a salary. Edinson is a free agent, so Whites won’t have to pay anything to any team as a transfer fee – so the experts believe that it would be a good decision to pay the player 7 million as a salary.

Real Madrid can’t score the goals

After losing Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, Real Madrid struggles to score the goal. In the previous season, Real Madrid could not score many goals. Especially in the part of post-pandemic matches, Real Madrid was scoring 1-2 goals per match which was very unusual for Los Blancos. Zidane’s team has shown signs of struggle again this season. The match against Real Sociedad was very strange as the team was left without a good attacking line. Eden Hazard is still working privately while Asensio got an injury. Time will show if Los Blancos needs backup of Karim Benzema.