Football NewsEight team matches in a row? – UEFA doesn’t like FIFA’s idea
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According to Sportmediaset, FIFA and UEFA have disagreed over the team break. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, FIFA’s idea is to create a “big team window” in the winter, and UEFA has completely different plans.


FIFA approved the idea, and now they are consulting with certain associations. This idea is for Coronavirus to cause problems in the coming months. Of course, FIFA’s idea only applies in 2020.

FIFA wants the September and October team pauses to be canceled. Also, postpone all club matches between November and December. This will create a great team pause that will last for 3 or 4 weeks. The European teams will play all six-round matches of the League of Nations in this window, as well as two friendly matches. But the friendly matches of the FIFA A list will not be held in March 2021.

The teams that have the playoffs of the European Championship will most likely play the playoffs instead of the friendly matches in this window.

Sportmediaset writes that they met the idea of FIFA coldly in UEFA. First of all, UEFA does not like that in March 2021, two team friendly matches will be lost. UEFA only wants to sacrifice the September team break for club tournaments, and in October and November, the teams will play 3-3 matches thanks to the team break’s extension.

So UEFA will be able to complete the group stage of the League of Nations 2020/21 season. But there is no place left for the playoffs of the European Championship.