CricketEllyse Perry called Mankad “Evil” but laughed and said, definitely do it to England
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Australian superstar Ellyse Perry has condemned the controversial “Mankad” dismissal after a heated debate among the cricketing community following the infamous run-out of Deepti Sharma this week.

On Saturday evening, India won their third ODI against England under strange circumstances, with Sharma running out Charlie Dean at the non-striker’s end to take the final wicket of the low-scoring match.

England needed 17 runs to win in the 44th over of the run chase when Dean walked out of the crease while Sharma was in stride with her delivery.

The Indian spinner quickly moved the arm and removed the bails, a dismissal colloquially referred to as a “mankad”, prompting a chorus from the English audience.

The incident left the cricketing world divided – the Laws of Cricket allow non-strikers to drive, but many consider the act to be non-sporting.

Speaking on The Grade Cricketer podcast, Ellyse Perry announced that she would never attempt to dismiss a non-striker – with one possible exception.

“I think the overall essence is not good, don’t do it, but if you’re going to do it, do it in England,” he laughed.

“I’ve actually spent a good month with Deepti Sharma, most recently at The Hundred in the UK with both of them in Birmingham Phoenix.

“She’s the sweetest person on the planet. Spoken so calmly, and then comes onto the field with a little bit of wildlife.”

On Sunday, the sport’s custodians and lawmakers Marylebone Cricket Club confirmed that Sharma’s run out was completely within the rules of the game.

“The respectful debate is healthy and should continue, because while one person sees the bowler in such instances as a breach of spirit, the other may turn to a non-striker to gain an unfair advantage by leaving his ground early,” the statement said.

“The MCC’s message to non-strikers will remain with them on the field until they see the ball leaving the bowler’s hand. Then the dismissal, as seen yesterday, cannot happen.

“While yesterday was an unusual end to a really exciting match, it was executed well and should be considered nothing more.”