Football NewsEmery lauds Villarreal spirit after the Europa dramatic 11 shootouts

Unai Emery lauds his players for being ‘impeccable’ after Villarreal stayed put to see David De Gea’s penalty missed the shootout.


The 2021 Europa league winners fought hard to push the Old Trafford outfit to penalty shootouts. Villarreal waited for the 11th penalty shot that saw the Spaniard De Gea, settles the duel.

The Manchester United number one could not continue the neck-to-neck shootout after his counterpart Geronimo Rulli had smashed it into the net. Speaking after winning the competition, Emery says his side had come a long way and they were Impeccable.

“In the Europa League, we have been absolutely impeccable. Since the very first moment. Some days we were coming at 6 am to the stadium to prepare a game for the Sunday. All of this makes the journey (worthwhile),” Emery said.

“We were talking about enjoying these moments. In the end, you are proud to reach the title (decider) but if you don’t win, you are sad. Winning is another step, an important step ahead. We do this profession for these moments. We have been able to give joy to many people,” he explained.

However, Emery insists he had no personal grudge with the English side, claims it wasn’t a sports revenge.

“I insist it is not a sports revenge at all,” Emery said.

He continued, “I try to enjoy every moment, winning and losing. I try to create new circumstances. So everywhere I have been, even in England at Arsenal, I have learned a lot, met many people, other cultures, and football.”

“At the end of that story was professional frustration, but some other doors opened then. Winning today is a satisfaction, but for my club today, as it was when I was at Sevilla.

“When I was at Arsenal we played a Europa League final and could not win but it is a process. From that game I learned a lot to win this one maybe,” he added.