Football NewsEndrick: 35 million!
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The situation 

The leaking of Endrick’s signing by Madrid has been a huge jug of cold water for the main teams in Europe that wanted him. The white entity has closed a round operation, due to price and projection of the player, when Chelsea, Barcelona and PSG also wanted himwho were bidding hard for him. None of them thought that Madrid was so close to completing the operation. Even less that he did it for such a favorable price… The first information indicated that Madrid paid Palmeiras the termination clause of 60 million euros plus a tax of 12 million. Nothing is further from reality. As it has been able to learn from sources that have directly participated in the negotiation, the white club has closed the transfer at 35 million euros plus 25 for objectives that are difficult to achieve: winning the Golden Boy, number of games started, goals scored, titles conquered… In this way, these sources affirm, “if Madrid manages to pay the 60 million it is because Endrick is worth at least 300”. Barça arrived late (they moved shortly before Xavi revealed that he spoke to the father and Endrick himself), like Chelsea or PSG . The agreement between the parties is complete and has not yet been made official due to a bureaucratic issue. The transfer will already be registered in the FIFA TMS, although it will not become effective until the boy reaches the age of majority in July 2024. He can only sign for three years, FIFA does not allow a longer contract period for minors 18 years. The extension for another three more, until 2030, has already been agreed and Endrick will earn two million gross for each of these campaigns,although the figure is slightly increasing as his contract progresses, which is very similar to the one Vinicius signed. In fact, both players share an agent. 100% of the player’s rights belong to Palmeiras although, as is evident, the player is going to receive a transfer bonus that has not been disclosed. On the other hand, Madrid and Endrick have agreed to share the image rights at 50%. In this way, Madrid will receive half of all the contracts that Endrick signs after he is formally a Real Madrid player. Not so for those he signs before July 2024. He already has two important ones with multinationals such as OdontoCompany, Rei Pitaco or Nike… Madrid has given the bell surprising everyone. It has not been decided when, but Endrick will travel to Madrid in the next few days to pass the medical examination. The signing will become official right after.

Endrick’s will.

The success in the negotiation is resounding for Madrid. Just one date ago, PSG made Palmeiras a joint offer of 80 million euros for Endrick and Estevao, the other jewel of Palmeiras (this one, a 15-year-old left-handed winger). However, by the time that offer arrived, Real Madrid was already very advanced, almost closed, the signing of Endrick. Juni Calafat was the first to enter the operation, in which he has been working for more than a year, when Endrick was 15. “He soon realized the boy’s potential,”. There is a definitive fact that has played in favor of Madrid, and it is the will of the player.Endrick is very grateful to Palmeiras because when his parents took him from Brasilia to the city of Sao Paulo, they knocked on the doors of Sao Paulo and Santos, and both clubs closed it. Not so Palmeiras, who was left with a boy who was too short to be a striker and also gave his father a job in the club’s cleaning team. Endrick’s background is very humble. A raffle was even organized at the club so that Endrick’s father could solve a serious oral problem. For this reason, when Endrick signed his first professional contract, last July, he allowed Palmeiras to give him such a high termination clause (60 million) for his age. In exchange, he reserved the right to decide which club he wanted to go to. And he chose Madrid before Barça or PSG.