CricketEngland Sticks To Attacking Cricket, Only Team To Score Over 6 rpo since 2015 WC
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There are a few things which only England can do in cricket. There is no reason to suspect that England plays the most high risk game but they are so keen on this method. A few losses doesn’t change their approach, they go the same way trusting the same philosophy which is to have a crack at the game.

If anything that puts up a question about their sense of freedom in cricket, it is absolutely unrelated to it. They are a team who prefers to bowled out for 300 in 40 overs rather than taking the traditional asses the situation every few overs.

It doesn’t mean that England plays without any cautions and game reading. It is just an advanced level of anticipation and turn things your way regardless of the situation. They know they have to score 300 total with consistent basis and that’s how they legislate every innings.


Records suggest that England tops the table of teams who have scored over 6 runs per over in ODIs. There are only one teams which has done so, it’s England. Since 2015 World Cup, England has played 131 matches and they have scored runs over 6.28 runs per over which is remarks achivement in ODI cricket.

It tells us about the England’s approach to the game, there is no way they can be suppressed to their shell. Against South Africa in the third ODI, England were 20 for 3 at one stage in 10 overs but they turned things around and they did it emphatically scoring 346 in 50 overs from 20 from 10 overs.

In the last 20 overs of the game, England went in full assault mode and collected 217 runs. It is a high risk game but it works wonders once things start to go according to the plan. That’s the game plan with which England team takes on field. There could be some delay but they never lose control of their strengths.

The World Cup 2023 is not far away and every team is trying to fix eyes on the prize with best team they can prepare. England is on par with their set-up, it is going good despite they lost 5 matches in a row.

The reason was that they stick to their plans without going much after results. This is the persistency that has given England a chance to make a comeback and they have done it so well.

The return of Jofra Archer is a great boost for the team. He is just a perfect match winner you could have in your team and he has reminded everyone of his power in the third ODI against South Africa with a six-fer.