Football NewsErling Haaland – playing for Dortmund is my dream coming true
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The Young striker is one of the biggest talents in European football. He signed for Dortmund back in January and in just a short period he became the top-tier player.


Living the dream

Erling Haaland gave a very honest interview with DAZN. He said that it was a big dream signing for Dortmund Borussia. Keep in mind that Erling is playing perfectly. As we mentioned above, he signed for Dortmund 11 months ago and now he is a stop-scorer for the team this season. Erling said that he is living a true dream currently. Playing for BVB is a big dream and he wants to win many trophies. Striker said that Dortmund paid a lot of money for his skills and performance, so fans are waiting for 100% healthy, focused and motivated Haaland. Youngster wants to win many trophies with Dortmund before moving into a new part of the career.

Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Before Erling Haaland signed for Dortmund, he was heavily linked with Manchester City. Unfortunately for Pep Guardiola, he could not convince Haaland in a quality project. Haaland chose BVB and the results are amazing. Now he is the main top-scorer of Bundesliga along with Robert Lewandowski. 

Who can sign Erling next season? Spanish newspapers wrote very interesting analyses of RM’s and Barca’s strategy. First of all, Real Madrid is ready to sign Mbappe and Haaland in 2021. Perez is ready to put a lot of money in the summer window of 2021. Real Madrid has not invested anything in summer of 2020. On the other hand, Barca is ready to keep Messi and give him another striker. Although, Barcelona is in a bad financial situation.