Football NewsErling Haaland reflects on Jadon Sancho’s move to Man Utd
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Erling Haaland pondered Jadon Sancho’s £ 73 million move to Man Utd with the Dortmund Borussia striker sad to see a production source helping the headline through the outs.


What did Erling Haaland say about Jadon Sancho?

Breaker at Old Trafford for England, the international winger has been in debate for some time with the Red Devils finally getting a deal struck this summer when they tie the loose ends required to get the talented 21-year-old on board. Dortmund has been reluctant sellers and disappointed to see an expensive asset slip their network with productive Norwegian leader Erling Haaland among those now turning to form another partnership that will deliver the same end result.

Asked by Stadium Space for his take on Jadon transplant, Erling Haaland said that he and Jadon Sancho understood each other very well and he is the best player. So, of course, it is sad that he is walking, but this is how it is and this is football. You never know what’s going to happen, but Haaland thinks there are many other good players that he has good tone with and it could get even better. they need to see who Erling fits in best with.


Where will Erling Haaland be?

While Jadon Sancho departed, questions continue to be asked about how long Erling Haaland will be hanging around the BVB. Chelsea, Man City and Barcelona have all credited interest in the highly regarded 20-year-old, but Dortmund has no intention of selling. Erling Haaland offers no indication that he is looking for a move with one of the most eagerly anticipated prospects of world football work with new boss Marco Rose.

Haaland added that he talked a little with Marco and Erling knows him before because he had him for six months in Salzburg and he is a good guy and Erling hopes to work with him. According to Erling Haaland, he heard that the training workshops are difficult here, so this is exactly the same as it was in Salzburg. Difficult learning and great management. This is what Haaland expects tactics to be, to hit a lot and run a lot and attack a lot.