Football NewsEspanyol president wants to win against Barcelona
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The president claims to see Espanyol, already healthy, ready to take the promised “step forward”. He trusts Rufete, Duran and Moreno. And he dreams of beating Barca.


He is confident in the management team

Chen Yansheng is defined as one more parakeet, who, due to his residence in China and the pandemic, follows the games from home, often at dawn, and who misses contact with the subscribers and the stadium. That is what the president and owner of Espanyol points out in a statement with the club, the first in a long time outside the scope of a Shareholders’ Meeting, in which he values ​​the restructuring of the entity as a lever for growth, reaffirms confidence in Jose Maria Duran, Rufete and Vicente Moreno, the current managers, and promises that “step forward” that has never just arrived. And he also becomes a football fan: “My dream is to beat Barca this Sunday”.


You can beat Barca after Real Madrid

President said that he knows that it is difficult to talk about patience when there are some negative results, but my experience has shown me that it is necessary to remain calm at this time,” And he continues: “I am aware that on many occasions in history our fans have heard that we had to take a step forward that has not just happened. Our circumstances are different today and, although competing permanently with the elite teams in our League is a difficult challenge, it is where we aim our goal”. In this campaign we have been able to beat great teams like Real Madrid, why not Barcelona this Sunday? Why not trust that our team will be able to offer us very good results between now and the end of the season? I am confident and optimistic for the rest of the season and the next ones”, summarizes the president, who points out that this team “is the same one that achieved good results in 2021. I talk constantly with the general management, the sports management and the coach, who have my confidence to achieve their goals for this season.