Football NewsExtreme finally of El Clasico
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The finale of the El Clasico was extremely nice and outstanding as a whole, the match itself was just on point to say the least.

Extreme finale

The goal was a punishment for Madrid’s lack of precision, which scored better than finished, ran better than expected. Because at the second stage of the rest there was one more game. Xavi delivered Pedri and his impact was immediate. Barça coped better with the pressure and depth, also because another rookie, Abde, gave him another group. In just ten minutes, Dembele missed three opportunities, all clear, all without aiming at the dormant Real Madrid, recklessly confident. The French are the best weapon of this Barça, its distinctive fact. This justified Xavi’s request for an impossible extension. At 25 minutes from the end, Barça burned their last cartridge, Ansu, the repository of their future. In this area, when it comes to turns on the fly, Madrid is at a disadvantage. Much of his bench is between rusty and discouraged. His first replacement was cabled: Rodrigo instead of Asensio. This gave impetus to his team. His promotion culminated in the genius of Benzema, who kicked the dancer to make room in this area to ultimately send a great hit to the bar. And immediately 1-2. Ter Stegen repulsed the first blow of the Frenchman, including in the center of Carvajal, but Benzema was free and did not forgive the third. Barcelona were looking for a crazy endgame with three defensive points and four points (Memphis arrived last), and it worked. Tied the head off from Ansu. The team will live by its goals for years to come. Even recovery is a cannon.

The end

It was all or nothing that dominant Madrid took advantage of to complete the challenge in extra time against the academy. Casemiro prepared him, and Valverde, also decisive two years ago in Arabia for a foul that cost more than Moore’s goal, completed it. Two midfielders lead the group against a desperate opponent. It all ended, as so many times, in the hands of Courtois, the magic wand for the photo-finish matches. Who said galactic gatekeepers don’t exist?