Football NewsFA Responds to Arteta’s Rants Following The Decision to Award Newcastle
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Mikel Arteta launched a furious rant slamming the decision to award Newcastle’s winner against his side, opening himself up for punishment from the FA.

Arteta branded the decision to award Newcastle’s winner against his side “embarrassing” and a “disgrace” in the wake of Saturday’s defeat. Club bosses issued an explosive statement the following day, backing their manager and taking aim at refereeing standards in the Premier League.

That would appear to put them in line for charges from the governing body, whose rules guard against bringing the game into disrepute. FA rule E3.1 states: “A participant shall at all times act in the best interests of the game and not act in any manner which is improper or brings the game into disrepute or use any one, or a combination of violent conduct, serious foul play, threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting words or behaviour.”

Arteta and Arsenal now have three business days to respond to the request for observations. The FA will then have three further business days to decide whether an official charge, a formal warning, a remainder of responsibilities or no further action is the most appropriate course of action.

If a charge is issued, Arteta and Arsenal would have three business days to reply. A commission hearing would then take place 10 business days after the response is received by the FA.

There is no specific punishment if they are charged and found guilty of breaching rule E3.1. Arteta was left furious after Anthony Gordon’s goal was awarded, despite being extensively checked by VAR Andy Madley.

Madley checked three seperate incidents in the build-up to the goal before confirming referee Stuart Attwell could award it. In his post-match press conference, Arteta launched a furious rant against the decision.

“I feel embarrassed. But I have to be the one now coming here to try to defend the club and please ask for help. It’s an absolute disgrace that this goal is allowed, it’s an absolute disgrace,” he said.

“Because it’s not a goal, for many reasons it’s not a goal, for more than one reason at least it’s not a goal. And there’s too much at stake here, we put in so much effort, and it’s so difficult to compete at this level”.

“And it’s an absolute disgrace. Again, I feel embarrassed, I’ve be more than 20 years in this country, and this is nowhere near the level to describe this as the best league in the world. I am sorry”.

“I don’t want to be in the hands of people. I’ve got to stand here now and explain, And we lost three points today, guys. You know what that means? It’s too hard, this league, it’s too hard, there is too much at stake. It’s embarrassing.”