Football NewsFabio Cannavaro said that Pirlo needs more time in Juve
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Juve warned that firing Pirlo would make them wrong twice, with Cannavaro urging the Bianconeri to be patient with a rookie coach trusted in a demanding role.


Andrea’s lack of experience 

Club legend Andrea Pirlo was handed the most distinguished management reins in the summer of 2020 with the opportunity to cut coaching teeth at the highest level. Andrea’s lack of experience has been highlighted by many in an uncharacteristically difficult season for Juventus, in which there are now many calls to be removed as a more proven performer is drawn up in.

Former Juventus star Fabio Cannavaro, who is currently working with Guangzhou FC in Asia, believes that parting with his former team-mate would be an unwise decision and one that will leave Serie A title holders, asking serious questions about their recruitment strategy.

World Cup winner Fabio Cannavaro said that when Juventus chose Pirlo he knew full well that he had no experience. It makes sense that he should have time to mature, even for his relationship with the team. There are 30 more points to play, and it’s right to leave this decision pending and he did good things, launching young players and running a complex dressing room with people who won a lot.


Ready for new season

The Bianconeri are in jeopardy to see their 2020-21 campaign, but there is a lot left for them to play. Andrea’s people go through to the finals of Coppa Italia, Atalanta will face in this show event. The national title could also have been successfully defended, but Juventus left a lot of work for themselves there.

Ronaldo and co. sit fourth in the Serie A standings, as things stand, 12 points of the Inter leaders’ adrift with 10 games left to take. The focus, however, is narrowing down to domestic efforts, with the disappointing Champions League hitting the hands of Porto in the last 16.