Football NewsFamily Support – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Defense Consults Lawyers Amid Criticism
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s family rallies behind Georgina as she faces criticism – They have consulted their lawyers to safeguard their good name.


Dolores Aveiro’s Statement: Addressing Misconceptions

Dolores Aveiro, the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, has recently spoken out to clarify misconceptions surrounding her relationship with her daughter-in-law, Georgina Rodriguez. Following reports of a strained dynamic and allegations of Cristiano’s involvement in ending the marriage between Georgina and himself, Dolores took to Instagram to make a statement on behalf of the Aveiro family. This response was prompted by an article published in an Arabic newspaper that carried the headline, “Dolores Aveiro accused of resorting to witchcraft to separate Cristiano Ronaldo from Georgina Rodriguez.”


Katia Aveiro’s Reaction: Denouncing False News

Reacting to the news, Katia Aveiro, Cristiano’s sister, expressed her disapproval through a story on social media. She criticized the publication, stating, “Upon opening a social media platform, I came across this nauseating piece of news, filled with grotesque and baseless claims… There will be consequences this time. Neither this tabloid nor its source will go unpunished.”


Katia’s Defense: Support for Her Mother

Frustrated by the spread of false information, Katia Aveiro vehemently defended her mother’s honor. She passionately stated, “We live in an era where people will do anything for attention and approval. I utterly detest this news, this newspaper, and its content. My mother is approaching 70 years of age, and after all the hardships she has endured while raising her children, she deserves peace. I will pursue justice against anyone who had the audacity to publish this.”


Dolores Aveiro’s Determination: Seeking Legal Action

Echoing her daughter’s sentiments, Dolores Aveiro shared Katia’s statement and added her own resolve. She asserted, “This matter will not go unresolved, I can assure you.” Dolores went on to explain, “On May 16, 2023, I took the necessary step of consulting my lawyers to protect not only my own reputation but also the reputation of my cherished family. A well-known Portuguese newspaper published a piece of news that is false, defamatory, and even macabre. It accused me of committing horrendous acts with the intent of robbing my children of happiness.

I want to emphasize that these accusations are entirely baseless, malicious, and without any foundation… My good name shall never be tarnished in the public eye, and I shall not allow such an unprofessional source to exploit my reputation. I am prepared to go to any lengths required, not only to defend myself and my loved ones but also to expose the perverse and unfounded nature of the sources, statements, and writings circulated thus far.

I extend my gratitude to those who offer their support and respect, urging everyone to exercise caution when consuming information. Unfounded allegations such as these inflict pain and harm, particularly upon our most cherished asset—our family. Some of my grandchildren are already exposed to and affected by public scrutiny and criticism. Therefore, I shall persist until this newspaper is held accountable for every word they have published today.”