Uefa Champions League NewsFans Push for a Six-Point plan in Champions League & Europa League

Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool fans requests Uefa to change how they conduct Europa league and Champions League finals. Fans had problems with their travel arrangements last season.


Tottenham and Liverpool fans were only provided with a capacity of less than half of Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. Arsenal and Chelsea on the other hand had approximately 5, 000 fans in their finals at Baku’s Olympic Stadium.

The Uefa management reiterated the problems faced in the organizing ticket sales and travel for the fans. They said it is very impossible to predict who will be on the final. The management choose the venues 2 years before the finals.

The six-point plan fans are claiming

. Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham fans released a statement which asks for the following:

  1. Allocation
    The fans asked for an allocation of 80% of the tickets to the competing teams. The 20% should belong to sponsors, key stakeholders, the football family and a small general sale.
  2. Capacity 
    The capacity of the stadium should accommodate a high number of fans. A capacity of 60,000 for Europa League final and 75, 000 for Champions League final will be appropriate.
  3. Affordability
    The fans also requested Uefa to select a stadium that has a stretch policy which allows them to make a choice.
  4. Accessibility
    Every stadium should be accessible for the disabled because they are also football fans.
  5. Infrastructure
    The stadium should be located in a city with excellent transport and communication links as well as accommodation to host the fans during their stay.
  6. Equality
    The host is supposed to adhere to human rights and equality policies. Every football fan deserve to be respected regardless of the gender, race, and nationality.

Key problems

Liverpool and Tottenham fans had 33, 286 tickets out of the available 68, 000 in the last Champions League Finals.

The organizing committee, national associations, broadcasters, corporate hospitality packages, and commercial partners utilized the remaining tickets. The competing teams fans only occupied half of the stadium.

As for the Europa League, around five thousand home-based supporters from Arsenal and Chelsea accompanied their clubs to Baku. Chelsea returned to England with half of their tickets unsold. The unavailability of direct flights and the hiking of prices as well as the cost of the tickets turned off the fans.