Football NewsFans Say Anthony Taylor Was Biased
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Referees get abuse for a considerable amount of things, usually for their own foolish choices in fairness. Now and then they’ll get rebuked for the result of the match but having a go at a referee for where he was born is definitely too far, right?!

Each referee despises YOUR team and just your team. As a matter of fact, it is somewhat similar to being a sports writer; each fan thinks you’re biased against their team in a mind-blowing absence of comprehension for the word.

Luckily, however, as a sports writer, I’ve seldom really been blamed for a group losing a match, unlike the torment and suffering that referees experience on a near-weekly basis.

That particularly is by all accounts the case in a big game and while Anthony Taylor didn’t appear to have an especially bad game during Manchester United vs Chelsea on Sunday evening yet Chelsea fans still weren’t happy with him.

Anthony Taylor accused of being biased

It’s important, once more, that Taylor supports Altrincham-a club that very much isn’t Manchester United. Besides a semi-controversial disallowing of a Phil Jones own goal, the ref didn’t appear to get anything excessively wrong either.

The clever thing is you can nearly ensure the people tweeting about this also like to mention how all the Manchester United fans are from London.

Taylor has already refereed both United and City in defining games while never seeming to be especially one-sided.