Football NewsFlorentino Perez is not going to give-up after audio leaks
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Past three days have been absolutely crazy in regards to Florentino Perez, there have been several leaks made of the President being quite controversial, he had made few statements about some of Real Madrid’s surely successful members, Cristiano Ronaldo, Raul gonzalez, Iker Casillas just to name a few. 

What can we say about the situation

It’s been really quiet for some time, considering how big his statements were a few days ago. Florentino Perez, The president of Los Blancos actually had few skeletons in the closet, the leaks from 2006 and 2012 show us more dark of the president, Perez deems almost every member he criticizes selfish, dumb, uneducated, terrible ego having and unreliable. And the media have been booming on it, considering the 2012’s segment where he only discusses money lost by Ronaldo’s reckless actions and interviews, many think really differently towards the president. Big chunks of fans are straight up mad at Perez for lying in their faces for years. Well and quite ironically many fans characterized Perez as a selfish man, but the most interesting thing is that we don’t know outright why Perez was pissed by team players. Many say that this scandal has some behind the scenes things we don’t know at this point. We actually don’t know the reasoning and where the audio file was made. In comparison to reasoning, place is not a giant mystery vanisher, but it can help in a way. Anyways summing it all up we should mention that Perez actually said that all of his words were ripped out of context. 

Second side of the coin


There is some bright light though. It seems a little bit too odd to hear such a thing from The President of Los Blancos. Some disregard the claims because they think that if Perez were to be pissed he would do radical moves to change the situation, but the team didn’t have extraordinary moves, but again and again time will tell how all of this will end.