Football NewsFlorentino Perez is not going to give up after the audio leak
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14th of july even more leaks have surfaced of Florentino Perez being controversial. Now, this time around he criticizes even more Pro football figures, the victim being Vicente del Bosque.  

Florentino’s sparks discussions once again

The leaks are coming up non stop at this point. It’s a visible fact that Florentino has hidden his true ideas for a long time, now It’s to see what questionable ideas he has this time. This round he goes on about Vicente del Bosque. The President of Los Blancos had already caused lots of debates because of his comments regarding Raul Gonzalez and Iker Casillas. Perez called these two frauds but he called out Vicente for being a fool, not knowing how to coach and not knowing any tactics at all. Florentino goes in depth and addresses his concern about Vicente del Bosque being a real legitimate coach. Not only that, The president of Los Blos straight up mocks Del Bosque for having lack of any kind of education in pro football strategies, in the leak from 2006 it’s even clear that he laughs at the idea that Del Bosque can be a possible coach of the national Spanish team. Saying all that at the end we still have no idea why Florentino is so pissed off by his team’s members, many criticisms lack explanation in a way. The President of Los Blancos doesn’t go into detail why he thinks this way, but he is surely not satisfied by some.

What can we indefinitely be assured of in this situation?

It’s definitely difficult to explain all of this mess, Florentino addressed this somewhat, saying that all of the leaks are just reaped out of context and most of them are miscommunicated. And yes, It’s hard to believe that Perez actually was this angry towards some legends of professional football. Only time will show what is true and what is a blatant lie.