Football NewsFootball fans on Twitter Slammed ‘VILE’ For Interrupting a Minute’s Silence in Honor of Queen Elizabeth II.
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The minute’s silence, which was followed by a singing of the national anthem, was disrupted by audible cheers from supporters, however, it is unclear if they were supporters of the home or away team.

This weekend’s round of fixtures was the first since Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, September 8. The Premier League issued a statement saying that clubs would be able to ‘pay tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’ at each game throughout the weekend of September 16-18.

However, not all fans have observed the minute’s quiet, with fans at Tottenham’s match against Leicester being particularly noisy during the permitted period.

And the acts of a small handful in attendance have provoked fury on Twitter, with those who violated the display of respect being chastised.

‘Just walked in at the opening of the Leicester v Tottenham game to utterly terrible comments about the queen in a minutes silence,’ one Twitter user wrote.

‘VILE! @SpursOfficial @LCFC, you should be embarrassed of your fans.’

‘To the small number of Spurs / Leicester fans who did not remain silent for one minute during the Queen’s silence, you are an appalling shame to both team and country,’ said another. F*** off’
Another appeared to be annoyed by the Spurs fans’ disruptions, writing: ‘Embarrassed and disgusted by some of my fellow Spurs fans in the stadium who couldn’t stay silent for the minute’s silence,’ accompanied by an angry. emoji.

A fourth speculated that the home fans were to blame, writing: ‘A few fans have let down the entire club in that minute quiet.’ After that, I’m embarrassed to be a Spurs fan,’ accompanied by a face-palm emoticon.

‘Spurs – Why, at a minute’s quiet, do you hear so many shouting “shut the f*** up” as loudly as possible?’ asked a fifth Twitter user.

‘Surely it’s better to shake your head or glare at them?’ I don’t understand how difficult it is to be respectful for one minute.’