English Premier LeagueFootball Forgotten Wonder Kid- From World Best to No Football
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From being rated the World’s best youngster at 16, Charly Musonda says his injury has seen him go for four years without continuous games after receiving a 20% chance of ever playing again.


Chelsea Winger Charly Musonda has opened up on his injury heartbreak which resulted in doctors telling him he only had a 20% chance of ever playing.

At 16, Musonda was rated by scouts as the best youngster in the world, which saw him snapped up by Chelsea in 2012.

However, since 2016 Musonda has been plagued by a cruciate ligament issue in his knee which has effectively robbed the winger of fulfilling his sky-high potential.

Now, with no return date in sight, the Belgian attacker has provided hope to others that are suffering potentially career-ending injuries by telling them not to give up on making their comeback.

Football’s forgotten wonderkid, now aged 23, took to Instagram on Wednesday to emotionally reveal how he has struggled to play consecutive games in the last four years and why he still hasn’t played a game for the Blues in the last three.

“It’s been four years since I played back to back professional games, three years since I last played for my club, two of those last four years, I’ve been injured with the post cruciate ligament of my knee”. Musonda said.

“Nothing but heartbreak and heartache. Doctors told me going through surgery after being out for so long would be the end, an impossible mountain to climb, were the exact words”.

“I miss football so much, to say the least, and I’m doing everything I can to play once again, to all the kids out there who have a dream and are injured or are going through monumental setbacks, never give up!

‘I’ll keep climbing the insurmountable mountain every day to run with the football once again because there’s no better feeling than taking someone on and feeling alive”.

‘Until that day comes I’ll keep training and believing in the impossible comeback because the greatest comebacks always seem like there is no way back, and that’s when we’ve got to dig deep and live to tell the story and not die in it”.

“#ThisIsMyStory and how I keep training and staying ready, despite the odds, that one day I’ll be back.’