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Don’t worry, English Buaksib has new features to increase the convenience for all users such as a feature to help you check the live football results for the past 24 hours or the latest update score for all the competitions, Meanwhile, English Buaksib still collects information from users such as favorite competitions. It can be said that we cover all you need. You can view the previous live football results by following the steps below:

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You can easily choose to watch live football results from your favorite football leagues. Just go to Buaksib, the most complete live football center. With access to football results that are updated 24 hours a day, every game from the top leagues, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and many more, just follow the steps below:

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If you are not a big fan of football, It is quite a complex structure. However, can explain to you in a simple way about the football system that we can divide football matches into 2 major systems as follows:

  1. Domestic European football league, there will be a different competition structure for different leagues in the country. Which often have a similar structure, divided by divisions and the number of clubs in each country
  2. European Cup Football or UEFA Champions League Football is a football cup that is not related to the domestic football league in any way. by the European Football Federation will grant the right to represent clubs from the leagues of each country according to different conditions
The rules of football games are competition regulations set up by the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) in order for football competitions around the world to have the same format of competition such as match time, number of players, penalty shootouts, fouls, rules of the home team, the away team, etc.