Football NewsFormer Arsenal and Man City midfielder Samir Nasri retires from professional football
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Samir Nasri last played for Anderlecht in 2020 and has confirmed that he will not be returning to the game.


A little about the topic

The former French international confirmed that he retired from professional football at the age of 34. Samir has been without a club since leaving Anderlecht in 2020, making just eight appearances for the Belgian giants before injuries shortened his season. Since then, the former international of France has been working as a pandit for the TV channel and says that his playing days are behind him.


What did Samir Nasri say?

The former Arsenal and Man City midfielder says the 18-month suspension he was given in 2018 for receiving intravenous treatment at a Los Angeles clinic played a key role in his decision to retire. Samir Nasri said the episode touched him very hard and changed his relationship with football: his suspension. Samir found it more than unfair that he did not take any doping product. It was just a vitamin injection because he was sick. This cut him down the tracks.

After returning from suspension, Samir Nasri joined West Ham on a short-term contract but played only six times before the expiry of his deal and subsequently made the move to Anderlecht. Samir Nasri added that he returned to West Ham with a coach he knew. It was perfect, but Nasri got injured three times in a row.

There Vincent Kompany invited him to come to Anderlecht. There was an emotional side to it, but also the idea of ​​being a player and also a little on the staff. As I would like to coach, I told myself that I would study with him. Things didn’t go as planned. Then the championship was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Samir Nasri, he didn’t necessarily want to continue after that. No challenge stood out for him, and Samir couldn’t see himself returning to France if it wasn’t for Marseille.