Football NewsFour things that, unlike Neymar, Dembele can do
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Barça will try to sign Neymar this summer. However, if the Brazilian’s transfer is disrupted, the club could still have grounds for optimism. Ousmane Dembele has yet to create memorable moments for the Catalans. But for a few reasons to they must still rely on him.


Young age


Dembele turned 23 yesterday, and Neymar is five years older than him.

If Dembele finally gets rid of the injuries and will playfully in the 2020-21 season, he may be the main turning point for him and will be in top form at the peak of his career.

As for “Ney,” he is already 28 years old and has already left behind the best years of his career. Also noteworthy that the Brazilian, like Ousmane, is prone to injuries.




If Neymar returns to Camp Nou, we will know exactly where Brazil will play. A left-wing is a prominent place for the Brazilian, from where he aggravates the game. While Dembele is a much more versatile player, the Frenchman can play both legs well. So, he can play on both the left and right flanks. If it is not Messi, he can stand on the right, and in the absence of Griezmann – on the left.




Neymar left “Blaugrana” because of Messi’s shadow. It is very hard to even imagine such a reason for Dembele. For the French player, the number one star on the pitch is not the main obligation. First of all, he has to do his job, and it will be useful for the team.


Selection of positions


After moving to PSG, Neymar started the game from behind, near the center of the field. It’s about the same as what Messi is doing at Barcelona. Playing with two players with such functions would be a tactical mistake, as more free space is needed in the attack.

Currently, the winger in the team is only Dembele. Therefore, if Neymar does not agree to return to his old position, it will be ineffective to come to his team.