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The situation 

Madrid is already alone in the lead. It was after a promotion game for the public, without seams, in which he was well above Betis, the other that had won everything and wanted to play in the open field. That’s what your template is made for. The lawsuit was resolved by Vinicius and Rodrygo, the two Brazilians that Madrid bought for the future and that are already baked for the present . The afternoon, moreover, was great for Tchouameni, who left a good impression at his debut at the Bernabéu. On the other side was the wonderful football of Canales, another one that improves with age. It took Betis a sigh to remind Madrid that it is already entering the high mountains, even without William Carvalho, a footballer who deceives with his physique: a giant capable of tap dancing. Longing for him, Pellegrini’s team took charge of the ball against this Madrid that begins the cycle of moderate rotations against the one that is coming: Rodrygo for Valverde to make the team more intrepid and Camavinga for Kroos to exchange power for control. That Betic orthodoxy that Canales stages so well seemed to collapse in a minute. Alaba led comfortably until he sent a long ball over the Betis center-backs, Edgar was a point late at the start and legalized the position ofVinicius, who appeared like a rocket to plant himself before Rui Silva and gently lift the ball on his exit .

tie and shootout

There is the great change of Vinicius. He is still a radical footballer in space but he no longer leaves things by halves. He knows how to shoot up and stop in just a second. That whirlwind with a definition problem that was once the dream of catastrophists is now a superstar of universal reach. Of course, since no one is infallible, shortly after he sent a shot high without opposition five meters from the door. His past is still too recent. The Brazilian’s goal coincided with Fekir’s injury, which with the muses on his side is uncontrollable. However, Pellegrini’s team was successful in a quick response before the game came crashing down on them. He made a fortune from a simple throw-in that Álex Moreno put in the area and Borja Iglesias, with a touch, allowed Canales’ right-footed shot, which slipped under Courtois’ right leg. It was the first set in a long time in which the impression was left that the Belgian could do something more. Only the proximity of the shot exempts him partially from his responsibility. That goal was the maximum point of balance in the duel, because from then on Madrid, as little punctual as ever at the start of games, tightened the pins a lot from the push of their midfielders, notably more physical than those of the Betis.