Football NewsGary Nevile: Erling Haaland is Keeping Pep Guardiola at Man City
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Gary Neville thinks that Erling Haaland, who he describes as “superhuman,” is keeping Pep Guardiola at Man City because he has given the Catalan manager an intriguing task. 

Haaland has been outstanding for City since his summer transfer from Borussia Dortmund. The Norwegian talisman has scored a staggering 20 goals in just 13 competitive matches. 

These goals have enabled City to maintain their unbeaten record in both the Premier League and the Champions League, where they have already advanced to the knockout rounds. Neville thinks that once Haaland is acquired, he is no longer interested in playing for any other club in European football. 

The former United defender said, ” Manchester City have been phenomenal for years now, but I got bored of watching them – in a respectful way – because it seemed to be the same every week. You’ve put this robot, animal, machine [ Erling Haaland] – this superhuman individual up front who seems to just change the game completely.”

“Going to City and watching him – you cannot help but think: ‘What is that?’ Pep Guardiola could’ve left Manchester City by now, but he’s chosen to stay because there are no other projects he looks at in the whole of European football,” he added.

As the fans were worried about Erling Haaland’s fitness, Pep Guardiola came out to clear the air. “Erling (Haaland) didn’t feel really good after the game against Southampton, Phil (Foden) had some disturbing problems, Bernardo (Silva) told us yesterday he was so tired, “ Pep said.

“He finished the game against Southampton so, so tired, and he didn’t recover well in these last few days.

“Yesterday was not good. 

“Today was a little bit better, but we decided not to take the risk,” Guardiola revealed.

It looks like Pep Guardiola was already preparing for Liverpool and that he did not want to risk Haaland playing the previous game yet they have a more tense match on Sunday.